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Bio: Our History
Wenzhou Yomach Machinery Co.,ltd, Located xian nan industrialestablished in 2010, especially in tray sealing machine .MAP tray sealer .rotary filler sealer and linear cup filling and sealing machine .
Vacuum packing machine and Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine .
Over 9years of experience of producing packing machines for all over the would, CE certified products, ISO9001 high quality producing system certified, experience, reasonable price, we believe we are the best choice for corporation partner.
Our Factory
YOMACH factory is located in wenzhou. – it is a production facility equipped with modern machinery and highly qualified specialists, working since 2010. possesses deep knowledge and broad experience in production technologies of tray sealing machine .cup filler sealer .Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine .
Our Product
Tray sealing machine .cup filler sealer .Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine .
Product Application
Our current core products covered multiple products over different industries such as food, chemistry, electronic, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. We build high quality packaging machines and make a better life for everyone using the safe packaging technology.
Our Certificate:CE. UL. IS900
Production Equipment
Laser cutting machine, milling machine, machining center, sheet metal bending machine, argon arc welding, drilling machine, grinding machine
Production Market
YOMACH machines are exported to 18 countries and regions, has 12 agent .
Our Service
Purpose and values
Our purpose is to help great products reach more people, more easily.
Our Values
It's important forus to do the right thing by ourselvesand our customers. Wherever we work, our values guide our behavior every day.
We treat our world with respect
● We care about each other, the environment, and the community
● We welcome diversity and recognize it as a source of innovation
● We encourage people to speak up, question, and develop new ideas
We know our business
● We're committed to understanding our customers and consumers
● We value integrity and open communication
● We learn from everything we do
We like to get it done
● We deliver on our promises
● We trust and empower individuals
● We thrive on our entrepreneurial spiritChina Automatic Linear Tray Sealer factory
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