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Bio: Ammonium sulphate(AS) granular with 21% Nitrogen can be produced in white, red, green and purple granular. Ammonium sulphate granular are mainly used for fertilizer. Our ammonium sulphate granular are used for all kinds of soil and plants.
Product Details
Product Description
Our company is professional ammonium sulphate(AS)granular manufacturer. We choose high quality ammonium sulphate to produce granular. Granular ammonium sulphate by drying technology is no anti-caking problem. Colorful granular can more suitable for different market demand.
Nitrogen: 20.5% Min
Sulfur: 23.5% Min
Moisture: 0.5% Max
Free Acidity(H鈧係O鈧? %: 0.3% Max
Granular Size: 2-5mm
Packing and Delivery
25kg bags
50kg bags
500kg bags
1000kg bags
Our Fertilizer get the support from ISO/SGS/Local Government Ammonium Sulphate
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